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Last Update: 04/01/2009

most photos by william & caroline

Tuesday March 31:

Congratulations to Gail Glazebrook for taking first place!

Soho Billiards hosted it's third Tuesday night tournament on March 31st. A field of 13 players came out to show their skills in the double elimination event. Winner's side action saw Gail Glazebrook and Danny vying for the hot seat.

Gail ran into a close call with Frankie on the winner's side. After being down 6-3, she would come back to tie it at 6-6. Then Gail had a break and run in the final rack to win a chance at the hot seat match.

Danny had a tough one getting to the hot seat as well but managed to scoot by Martin with the win.

The one loss side saw battles between Martin, Frankie and John, with a close call between Chris Karp and Martin resulting in Martin taking the one-loss side to face the loser of the hot seat match.

Danny had a tough match with Gail. At 3-2, it looked to be a close match, but after two 9-ball combos, Gail began to run away with the match and defeated Danny 7-3. Danny seemed to be running out of steam. After starting the night off strong, Martin just had more energy in him and in the wee hours of the morning, defeated Danny 5-3. Though Martin and Gail decided to split the money, a short race to 5 was to determine the winner. Gail ended up taking the win with a 5-3 victory.

George once again did a great job running a smooth tournament. Races in the future will be shorter in the effort to tournament go by faster. Join us next Tuesday for another B-C-D tournament.


Tuesday March 24th:

A field of 7 played this past Tuesday for $170 in prize funds. There was a very strong showing of players at the B and C level. They changed the start times of the tournament to 7:30pm from 7:00pm. But everyone gets free practice starting at 7:00pm. George did an excellent job managing the event. Soho Billiards gave us the entire lower level.

Joe Wall (B+) and Robert Plaut (C+) made it to the finals, splitting the pot $85 a piece.

Tuesday March 17th:

Soho Billiards has started a B,C,D handicap, double elimination weekly tournament.

Free play begins at 6:30pm. Competition begins at 7:00pm.

For the first week only 8 players showed up, so the tournament was canceled.

Entry fee: $35